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Engine tuning isn't just for those wanting to go fast. A well tuned engine will also increase fuel efficiency. In fact you could find yourself saving up to 15% of your fuel costs after having this done.


So, want to increase performance and fuel efficiency?

Introducing the advanced Unichip Uni-Q universal 'piggy back' ECU, designed to improve the performance of any petrol or diesel engined car. The Unichip Uni-Q is a unique product, offering dyno proven performance enhancements and the ability to custom ‘live map’ popular petrol and diesel road cars to increase brakehorsepower and torque.

Packed with sophisticated features, the Unichip Uni-Q piggy back ECU works by intercepting the signals from the factory vehicle sensors, which are channelled through the Uni-Q to allow the engine’s ignition, fuelling and boost (where applicable) to be custom live mapped on a rolling road to a high degree of control – and performance!

The Unichip Uni-Q piggy back ECU can store five different custom maps, enabling users (for example) to toggle between maps for fuel economy map, high octane petrol, low octane petrol, school run and track day settings, at will.

To find out more about Unichip please click here to visit www.unichipeurope.co.uk


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